Our Ethos

AFC Burnley is about togetherness, enjoyment and development.

AFC Burnley is a family. Our players should treat each other as equals and should act with respect and kindness. Football is a wonderful game and should be enjoyed by everybody who plays it and is involved with it. The feeling of making a tackle, making a save, making a pass or scoring a goal should be enjoyed and should bring a sense of achievement.

Every player has their own attributes, strengths and weaknesses and every player has a right to develop. At AFC Burnley we will work hard with every single player who wants to improve and get better and we believe that by working together we can develop as individuals and also as a team.

AFC Burnley place great focus on how a player acts. We look for our players to show a commitment to the club, a positive attitude when representing AFC Burnley and a desire to improve themselves and the club.

The club was established in 2010 to enjoy playing football with friends and family and this remains the case today. The main priority is to see people enjoying football, regardless of scores and league positions.

We aspire to score goals, win games and win trophies but this will never come at the price of enjoying the beautiful game. Every AFC Burnley player should be able to attend training sessions and matches and leave having enjoyed playing football in a fun and friendly environment.